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What is Business Roundtable

Business Roundtable (BRT) is an association of chief executive officers of leading U.S. companies working to promote sound public policy and a thriving U.S. economy.

More Than Leaders. Leadership.

Business Roundtable is an association of chief executive officers of leading U.S. companies working to promote a thriving economy and expanded opportunity for all Americans through sound public policy.

About BRT

With the first half of 2012 now behind us, it is becoming increasingly important that Congress take action to address the critical fiscal and tax issues facing our nationRead BRT’s letter urging Congress and the White House to resolve fundamental fiscal and tax issues confronting America here.

Continued inaction in Washington puts the U.S. economy, our businesses and our workers at great risk. As evidence, 78 percent of Business Roundtable CEOs have lowered their projections for sales, capital spending and U.S. hiring over the next six months.

To drive economic growth and reduce unemployment, American businesses must have the confidence to invest and to hire. Changes in tax policy can create the conditions for more robust job creation in the private sector, stronger capital formation, higher exports and increased foreign investments. Without these changes, uncertainty and excessive taxation restrict our ability to innovate, compete and hire.

Through an aggressive, multifaceted campaign, Business Roundtable continues to urge Congress and President Obama to coalesce around a multiyear growth and deficit reduction plan to restore long-term stability to the U.S. economy.


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March Toward Madness Advertisement April Fools Pages — To show how far behind America is among its global competitors when it comes to corporate taxes, BRT revamped its website on April Fools' Day, turning back the clocks to 1986 when the U.S. last reformed its corporate tax system. You can view what the site looks like in the PDF here.

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