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What is Business Roundtable

Business Roundtable (BRT) is an association of chief executive officers of leading U.S. companies working to promote sound public policy and a thriving U.S. economy.

CEOs are leading their companies to adopt effective environmental and sustainable business practices. This report details how companies are pursuing innovative strategies to create jobs, grow the U.S. economy and sustain and enhance the quality of life in America and around the world.

The 148 CEOs who participated this year share their own stories and cover the gamut, from drastically increasing the use of renewable energy to adopting personnel policies that reduce the carbon footprint of their workforces.

How Technology is Reshaping the Energy and Environmental Landscape

Each year, Business Roundtable companies invest tens of billions of dollars in research and development on energy and environmental technologies. This new Business Roundtable report showcases just a few examples of how this investment is providing benefits to the economy, communities and people around the world.

U.S. is Far Behind in the Race for Global Talent

One of the key factors that allow U.S. employers to grow their businesses and create new jobs is their ability to recruit and retain talent from other countries.

How well does the current U.S. employment-based immigration system support this goal?  Based on original research and analysis, Business Roundtable found that the United States falls short when compared to other advanced economies.

Realizing America’s full potential to create more high-wage jobs for U.S. workers and greater opportunity for middle-class families should be the nation’s top priority.

America’s business leaders have identified six priorities for action by Congress and the Administration in 2015.

As part of a broad coalition, the Business Roundtable launched Trade Benefits America, an effort to educate on the benefits of trade and U.S. trade agreements and the importance of passing Trade Promotion Authority (TPA). TPA legislation will help provide new economic opportunities for American businesses, farmers, workers and consumers.