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What is Business Roundtable

Business Roundtable (BRT) is an association of chief executive officers of leading U.S. companies working to promote sound public policy and a thriving U.S. economy.

Washington – “New legislation in the U.S. House, the EPA Regulatory Relief Act, is the right approach to forestall excessive, economy-damaging regulation by the Environmental Protection Agency of industrial boilers and incinerators.

Business Roundtable welcomes today’s introduction of H.R. 2250 by a bipartisan group of members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. The bill provides a reasonable, balanced and cost-effective strategy to give the EPA time to set workable rules on the boilers. 

“After the many months of EPA consideration and court challenges, it has become clear that legislation is necessary to protect job creation and economic growth. Without congressional action, businesses could be forced to spend billions of dollars that could be better used to invest in new jobs and products.  U.S. competitiveness would suffer a serious blow.

“The House bill will allow the EPA to move forward while striking the right balance to sustain the environment, public health and the economy. The EPA Regulatory Relief Act also recognizes industry’s legitimate interest in matching the right technology with its operations to reduce air pollution.

“The time has come for Congress to prevent the economic harm and job loss that would result from the EPA’s regulatory overkill on industrial boilers. We hope the House and Senate move quickly to enact this legislation,” said Business Roundtable President John Engler.