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What is Business Roundtable

Business Roundtable (BRT) is an association of chief executive officers of leading U.S. companies working to promote sound public policy and a thriving U.S. economy.

WashingtonBusiness Roundtable (BRT) President John Engler today issued the following statement on the re-election of President Barack Obama:

“America’s business leaders congratulate President Obama on his re-election. BRT CEOs are committed to working with the President to enact an economic-growth and deficit-reduction plan that will put Americans back to work and get America growing again.

“This year has witnessed policy gridlock and economic stagnation. Now that the election is behind us, America’s business leaders are focused on making 2013 a better year for the U.S. economy. BRT CEOs have consistently championed policies that encourage innovation and investment while knocking down barriers to economic growth and job creation. We stand ready to work with President Obama and the 113th Congress to enact bipartisan policies that will create more jobs and drive higher levels of economic growth. The White House and next Congress should:

  • Move decisively toward achieving a balanced federal budget, excluding interest payments on the debt, within the next five years; 
  • Adopt a competitive U.S. corporate tax rate comparable to the OECD average and a competitive market-based tax system similar to the rest of the world;
  • Streamline the federal regulatory process while expediting approval of federal permits for major industrial and infrastructure projects; and
  • Make U.S. energy systems more diverse, more domestic and more efficient.

“BRT CEOs are also committed to working with policymakers of both parties to prevent the artificial ‘fiscal cliff’ that has already spread uncertainty and slowed economic growth. America’s business leaders call on Congress and the administration to take swift action in the ‘lame-duck’ session to avoid needless disruption and lay the groundwork for economic revival.”

Invested in America

From contributing to a thriving

economy to supporting a healthy and well-educated workforce, to creating a sustainable future, business is invested in America. Business Roundtable members understand that when America succeeds, they succeed.


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