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What is Business Roundtable

Business Roundtable (BRT) is an association of chief executive officers of leading U.S. companies working to promote sound public policy and a thriving U.S. economy.

WashingtonBusiness Roundtable and HR Policy Association today announced the release of JobSTART 101: Smart Tips and Real-World Training, an online course for college students and recent graduates, which introduces both the professional skills necessary for entry-level employees to succeed in the workplace and the challenges and expectations they will face. Accenture, a member of both organizations, provided instructional design, content and program management expertise for the course.

A free, first-of-its-kind course, JobSTART 101 covers topics ranging from how to communicate and solve problems to how to develop a professional persona that helps drive a career for long-term success. Designed to be engaging and fast-paced, students have the option to complete the entire course in approximately 90 minutes or tackle the six topical modules one at a time, and participate in interactive components, such as videos and workbooks.

“While our nation remains focused on job creation, it’s equally important to ensure that our workforce has the skills and training to succeed in today’s economy,” said William D. Green, chairman and chief executive officer of Accenture and Chairman of Business Roundtable’s Education, Innovation and Workforce Initiative. “By building communication and analytical skills, JobSTART 101 helps prepare new employees to meet the challenges of the job market, thereby helping to create a more competitive workforce.”

“A student or young professional who spends 90 minutes with this course will be a more productive employee and experience greater satisfaction in his/her first job without having to undergo extensive – and expensive – coursework or training,” says Alexandra Levit, an expert on business and workplace issues and the online instructor for JobSTART 101.

Students at six institutions – California State University at East Bay, Coppin State University, DeVry University, Duke University, Northern Virginia Community College and University of Michigan – participated in the pilot evaluation. The majority reported that the course engaged their interest and included useful information and relevant examples that would help prepare them for situations they would face at work.

The Springboard Project – an independent commission of thought leaders convened by Business Roundtable – identified the need for JobSTART 101 and recommended specific actions that would help Americans get the education and training they need to succeed in the evolving economy. A recent survey by The Springboard Project revealed that 61 percent of U.S. employers report difficulty finding qualified workers to fill vacancies at their companies. Experts urged employers to better communicate workforce needs and expectations to students and increase Americans’ workplace readiness and competitiveness.

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