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API: An energy program for the national conventions

May 15, 2012

The American Petroleum Institute today rolled out its policy recommendations for the national political conventions, and good recommendations they are.

The report, released at a news conference at the National Press Club, goes by the title, "American Made Energy -- Report to the Platform Committees." In the report's opening and comments at the event, API President Jack Gerard posed the key questions:

The question is not whether we will continue to need oil and natural gas. We will. The question is: will we use our own vast energy supplies or rely on others? Will we improve our energy security as a result of developing abundant domestic supplies of oil and natural gas on federal and private lands, onshore and offshore?

The four policy areas requiring action:

1. Commitment to Access

2. Common Sense Regulatory Structure

3. Invest in America’s Future

4. A Sustainable Energy Future

Today's recommendations reinforce API's efforts to elevate energy as a campaign issue this year, represented most prominently by its Vote4Energy.org initiative. To which we say, keep it up!)

Video of the news conference, which was followed by a panel discussion, will be available at the EnergyTomorrow.org website.

API's Mark Green also tweeted up a storm during today's event at @EnergyTomorrow

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